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TAHOE AUTOMOTIVE has provided Auto Repair Service, Emissions Diagnosis and Small Engine Repair service to the Wheeling, IL area for over 40 Years ... and we believe in giving back to the community. Scott Kendall, Owner, is a member of the Wheeling Masonic Temple and he is responsible for organizing the food drives. For the last two years, Mr. Kendall has donated the turkeys to the Wheeling AMVETS for their Thanksgiving dinner served to Sailors stationed at Great Lakes Navy Base. In 2009, Scott Kendall was named one of the one of the Good Guy Business Men by the Chicago Sun Times newspaper.

TAHOE AUTOMOTIVE donates to School District 23 to aid in purchasing additional items for their students and advertises through local high school music programs to assist in their revenue generating efforts to fund the marching band. We believe in education and the youth in our community!

Scott Kendall and TAHOE AUTOMOTIVE also actively donate to the Wheeling Township's "Neighbors Helping Neighbors!" program -- this program delivers meals to the home bound, organizes a food pantry, provides professional services to the elderly, provides driving classes, funds services for children with disabilities ... and more amazing things. We are proud to be a supporter of these volunteers and donors!

These programs prove the importance of community and relationships -- and it is with great pride that Tahoe Automotive provides support to these organizations. It is in the same spirit of giving back to the community that Tahoe Automotive strives to provide each customer a positive experience where they are treated with respect and professionalism. Read our reviews below...

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I have been taking my vehicles to Tahoe Automotive for over 20 years. They have serviced my personal vehicles, my business vehicles, and my two daughters vehicles. I have referred friends and family. I know of no one who has had a bad experience. They are very conscious of both you and your vehicles needs. I started using their service because I had a vehicle that would not pass emissions. They were able to locate the problem, and repair it, without costing me an arm and a leg. Their prices are always in line, and usually much less than other repair shops advertise. They have expanded their business to small engine repair. I have also had them repair my lawn mower and snow blower with the same excellent results.

Gail A.
Wheeling, Illinois

I am very satisfied with Tahoe Automotive, I've been dealing with them for over 15 years. I my family we have a BMW, a Lexus, a Chrysler van and a Ford Explorer. Tahoe can fix all of them no matter what's wrong. They can do everything from major engine repairs to hard to find electrical problems. Every time I walk in either Scott or Dan greets me by name and makes me feel like family, if I need a tail light bulb replaced, since I'm a customer, they do it free! They also fix lawnmowers and snow blowers and when it snows, they plow my driveway.

I HIGHLY recommend Tahoe Automotive, they're the last of an old breed of friendly neighborhood repair shop.

Steve S.
Wheeling, Illinois

I had an intermediate starting problem with my car I took my car to two different shops and both of them could not find the problem. I took my car to Tahoe and their mechanic Tony looked at it and found the problem to be a blown capacitor in the computer ruptured and damaged the circuit board. Who would have known! New computer later and I was on my way. Going on 6 months without a problem. Thank you Tony and thank you Dan for such great customer service!

Luis Marroquin

I Love It! This is the third time I have taken my car here. I have had my last 3 oil changes done here as well as some front strut work. I came from my dealership freaking out after being told my car would need over $4500 worth of work and that I might b better off BUYING a new car!!! What!!! A new car? That's crazy! At Tahoe Automotive they took a look at my car, told me what was wrong, and gave me all my options. Very informative and just an all around great bunch of guys! Oh, and I still have my car, which is running great!!! Thanx to Scott and the rest of the guys!!

Michelle T.
Mundelein, Illinois

We have been taking our vehicles here for years. Fast and friendly service. Very affordable.

Michelle L.
Addison, Illinois

I am a retired mechanic and still do 99% of my own auto maintenance and repairs. Whenever anything falls outside of my abilities or tools, Tahoe Automotive is my first choice for honest, reliable repairs.

Jim Corrigan

I have had dealings with mechanics and have always been skeptical about what the cost of Labor and Parts would be until I went to Tahoe Automotive.The Owner there really goes out of his way to accommodate his customers. Even gave me a ride home until my car was ready. I was so impressed with their courtesy and professionalism that I wanted to share. I had 2 other estimates from other local mechanics that were twice as much as my costs at Tahoe. I was very happy with the service and the price! Reccommended!

A Satisfied Customer
Wheeling, Illinois

I totally disagree with Paul M..... We have been going to Tahoe for years and have ALWAYS found them to be very fair in their pricing and conservative with work that has to be done. They will always give us an option to repair something in the most economical way (for example a used or rebuilt part) or tell us when we need to be aware that a big ticket item is "looming" (ex: you will need brakes within the next 2000 miles). They have even given us the option to go to a website for tires that could then be shipped to Tahoe and installed by them for a nominal fee - which could end up being cheaper than buying them thru Tahoe direct).....which we ended up doing AND saving about $75! The fact that they found a nail in the tire says to me....hey - they are checking things out that we might otherwise be unaware of - in order to ensure that we are in a safe vehicle. I personally see that as a PLUS. (Who goes around and looks at their tires on a routine basis??) I, too, have had a nail in the side of my tire - (found at the dealer, I might add!!!), and I was driving around having no issues with it either - until it decides to blow, I guess!! Anyhow - I would definitely recommend them for services!

Georgette C.
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

I just thought I'd take a moment to point out a real honest auto repair shop. I was refered to Tahoe Automotive by a neighbor after getting a very high estimate from another larger shop in the area. I had Tahoe do the work because the owner pointed out that a lot of the jobs were inter related so it would dishonest to charge full price for each of them.

My intake manifold was leaking and so were my valve cover gasgets. Well, once the intake manifold is removed the valve cover gasget replacement is an easy job and I should not have to pay full price to have them replaced. I now know this because Tahoe's owner, Scott was honest enough to tell me that. I saved $200 dollars and wouldn't take my car anywhere else now. The service engine light was also on while my car was there and there was a code in my car's computer memory for the catalytic converter. I didn't ask them to check it but very happy they did because they pointed out my converter was bad but told me it was still covered by the emission control warranty and I could get it fixed free by the dealer! I never heard of an emission control warranty.
There guys also fix lawn mowers and snow throwers, at a lower cost than any lawn mower shop in the area, so guess where I'm taking my snow thrower!
Very satisfied, I highly recomend Tahoe Automotive!!

George A.
Wheeling, Illinois

I couldn't be happier that I brought my Mitsubishi to Tahoe Automotive, I highly recommend them!
Another shop told me I needed a new computer because the car wouldn't self test which is necessary to pass the emissions test.
I was advised to go see Scott the owner who is an expert in getting any car to pass the test, he got the car passed and only charged me $75.00. The new computer would have cost me hundreds and I had resigned myself to, if it needed one, to have Tahoe replace it.
While my car was there, I knew I needed brakes. So I asked them to check it out, they did them cheaper than a Midas and the dealer, both of which had previously given me estimates! Very pleased!
It turns out Scott, the owner was awarded the 'Good Guy Business Man 2009' award from the Sun Times!
They are good guys!

Tom A.
Wheeling, Illinois

Tahoe Automotive is a GREAT auto repair shop, they're friendly, honest and competent. If you have a hard to find problem with your car, this is where you need to go.
I have been dealing with Scott and his crew for years, they've never failed me. Always fair and they fix my car right the first time.

Steve Slayton
Wheeling, Illinois

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